5 Ways to Take Data Security into Your Hands

by Yehuda Cagen 29. July 2010 11:54

You don’t have to be a techno-geek to secure your data. Sure, we recommend having a certified IT consultant ensuring the security of your IT systems.

But, there are also many steps you can take to protect your personal and business data.

Take these small steps to help with your data security:

  1. Completely wipe out all information on computers and printers prior to disposing of them.
  2. Be very careful when clicking links and attachments within email from unknown senders-you could be allowing a virus to your files.
  3. When entering personal information on a website, look to make sure it is a secured site. You can tell by looking for a Padlock icon on the website or you can also visit www.wot.com which will alert you to whether is safe or not.
  4. READ prior to clicking OK on any pop-up windows. You may be giving someone access to your computer.
  5. Social Networking sites such as; Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn can be great for socialization and business but if you place too much information it can be dangerous. Many times people use their spouse’s, children’s, and pet’s names for password and this information is displayed on these sites and can be used to determine passwords. Be careful about the information you share!

Firms Involved in Legal Disputes Should Be On the "Lookout" for Phishers

by Yehuda Cagen 15. January 2010 09:17
Here's another warning sign to firms involved in legal disputes to beware of malicious cyber-attacks. According to a recent article in Network World, the law firm representing a U.S. company involved in a legal dispute over China's Green Dam censorship software says it was targeted with a sophisticated online attack this week, similar to the one reported by Google Tuesday. ...[Read more]



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