Secure Your Data in 2010 - Why a firewall isn't enough

by Yehuda Cagen 3. December 2009 06:21



2010 is just around the corner. The turn of a new year tends to spark optimism and hope. Yet the first quarter of 2009 in Houston kicked off with a nasty computer virus that shut down the Municipal Court system for several days.


Computer network consultants around town received calls from clients who wondered if their organization might become the next victim. Unfortunately when it comes to viruses, it may be too late. In fact, at Xvand we run into executives all the time who swear that their organization's data has been secured by the firewall they've installed on their computer systems.  

But is setting up a firewall the be-all and end-all of data security?  

According to Richard Kirk, UK Director for Fortify Software it isn't.  Because a firewall provides a gateway for users to explore the outside world, it becomes the very doorway by which hackers gain entry. Mr Kirk explains that hackers understand the typical code used and will exploit simple mistakes in programming and oversights in security efforts.

In fact, 67% of the breaches Verizon investigated in 2008 were “aided by significant errors.” Their 2009 Data Breach Investigation Report states that “only 17% of attacks were designated to be highly difficult.” Making 83% were not difficult and therefore avoidable.

So let's keep 2010 brimming with optimism. Implement strong IT policies and safeguards concerning employee web surfing, downloading and email attachments.  If your budget allows, set up a redundant data operation to switch to when things like this go horribly wrong.

If you still have concerns about data security, contact your local computer consultant and set up a security assessment (many Houston IT consulting firms will provide one free of charge) to ensure sure your data's safe in 2010.


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