Xvand made it an easier process that it would have been otherwise; they were the silver lining in this cloud [Hurricane Katrina]. Everyone's taken care of us in a truly efficient manner.
Andrew Kramer JVF Katrina Victim
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Remote Data Backup - Eliminate Equipment Failures

Why worry about server downtime? Our remote data backup services offer a redundant infrastructure with real-time fail-over guarantees at least 99.9% uptime by our industry-leading Service-Level Agreement (SLA).

Since all servers, applications and files are housed, managed with our offsite data backup services in our secure data center, your local computers' resources are scarcely used and are no longer a burden. Nothing runs or is stored there. This centralized system allows for quicker, more efficient management and creates greater flexibility in response to changing business needs.

How does computer 'downtime' affect your bottom line?

Below is an example of how four hours of downtime affects a 25-user company:
Houston computer service

Your IT system is no longer a burden

You are finally unburdened from the daily grind of troubleshooting IT issues and installing software. Your IT manager is better equipped with high-performance technology and the freedom to focus on strategic initiatives that help grow your business.