More than 40% of small and medium-sized businesses that use hosted or cloud technology reported revenue rises of 30 % or more while 90 % of respondents not using hosted technology saw decreases in revenue.
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Whitepapers - Houston Information Technology

Utility Computing - The Value of Computing Without the Headaches

Utility Computing

"The greatest contemporary challenge to business is adapting to continually changing market conditions. This challenge drains both financial and human capital..."

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Executive Guide to Surviving the Recession


"In times of economic uncertainty – and especially in an impending recession – business owners fear unexpected issues with regard to capital investments such as business technology advisory services..."

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Simplifying the Role of CFO

"The role of CFO has changed significantly in recent years. A more competitive market landscape, a keener focus on corporate governance, and issues such as risk management all play a part in the evolving role of the CFO..."

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Strategies to Help Your Law Firm Address IT Challenges

Legal IT services

"Due to global recession, the legal sector is facing unprecedented challenges. The cost of business has substantially increased the last few years – in particular IT equipment..."

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