More than 40% of small and medium-sized businesses that use hosted or cloud technology reported revenue rises of 30 % or more while 90 % of respondents not using hosted technology saw decreases in revenue.
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Trusted leadership in Texas

Since 1982 Xvand's core leadership has pioneered innovative IT solutions in Texas. After two decades of working with Fortune 500 companies, IsUtility® was created to empower businesses of all sizes with the same "big company" IT Consulting and Remote PC support benefits for a fraction of the cost - helping them achieve new levels of business power.

Our Leadership

President. Co-founder and principal investor.
"The 21st Century business person doesn‘t have time to deal
with IT. We make information technology (IT) as
simple as flipping on a switch".

Victor Grinshtein co-founded Xvand Technology Corporation in 2000 in order to bring Fortune 500 enterprise information systems to small and mid-size orgnizations at an affordable price. In 1982, he founded Microcomputer Power, Inc. became one of the leading system integrators for Fortune 500 companies and governmental agencies in Texas. By 1995 Microcomputer Power, Inc grew to $80 million in annual revenue. In May 1995 he merged the company with AmeriData/GE Capital Information Technology (GE CITS)in order to improve customer service coverage nationally and internationally.

He stayed with GE CITS till June of 1998. Utilizing General Electrics resources the South Texas Region grew to $180 million in annual revenue and became the most profitable branch in the organization. Mr. Grinshtein earned his Masters Degree in Mathematics from Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.
VP of Technology. Co-founder and investor
"We help small and mid-sized business compete in today‘s technology-driven market by providing enterprise-level IT solutions
at a price they can afford."

Mr. Sherman is the leading architect of communications systems for IsUtility® and is responsible for wide area networking. Andrey began working as a Computer Engineer for AmeriData/GE CITS in 1996, and was promoted to System Engineer in 1998. Mr. Sherman continued with GE CITS as Senior System Engineer and Enterprise Consultant until 2000.

Mr. Sherman is a Microsoft-Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE), Cisco-Certified Network Professional (CCNP), Accredited Compaq and IBM System Engineer, and HP Star and Open View Certified Professional. He earned Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Moscow Institute of Computer Technology.