I can't imagine growing as rapidly as we have without Utility®. We've realized new technological and strategic advantages over the competition, and I ever worry about security, backups, or maintaining my system anymore.
Kamran Sassoon, President Centage Corporation
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Summary: Whiteflash.com

The Challenge:

  • Recurrent security breaches threatened the integrity of customer data draining resources.

  • Lost productivity as a result of outdated IT network that could not synchronize data between mobile executives and two locations.

  • Lost business opportunities due to technical issues, including lengthy server downtime that delayed customer response time.

The Result:

  • Whiteflash has grown by 25% in revenue by year since using IsUtility®.

  • Centralized network enables employees to seamlessly process and exchange data, thus reducing redundancies and improving productivity.

  • 24/7 proactive system monitoring prevents security breaches from disrupting daily workflow

  • Unlocked business potential through eliminating downtime, utilizing the latest technology and maintaining a more predictable IT budget.

  • Integrated mobile capacity enables managers to concurrently tend to business overseas while receiving real-time data on activities at HQ

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25% Annual Growth Increase Pleasantly Surprises E-retailer

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“They’ve done everything they promised, and more. In addition to the peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of, we’ve grown by 25% in annual revenue since switching to IsUtility®.” - Debi Wexler, CEO

The Challenge: Globalizing market reach

Whiteflash.com conducts business24/7, receiving thousands of orders and inquiries from across the globe. As sales increased, so did their dependence on technology. Insecurities about their outdated network and continuous security attacks forced executives to designate already limited resources to safeguarding their computer system. Extensive business travel prevented management from accessing critical business data and monitoring daily office operations at headquarters.

To remain competitive in an already cluttered market- place, the e-retailer sought a cost-effective solution that would eliminate security threats and downtime that slowed employee productivity. Synchronization of their two offices and mobile sales force was needed to allow managers to conduct business abroad while keeping abreast of office activities at their main office.

The Result: 25% annual growth

In less than a week, IsUtility® turned the world into Whiteflash’s office. IsUtility® ’s inherent mobile capabilities enables managers to concurrently tend to business overseas while receiving updated information on activities back home.

Government-compliant security procedures and proactive system monitoring protects confidential data from viruses, SPAM and hackers, providing peace of mind to exchange sensitive electronic information. IsUtility®’s 24/7 Help Desk assure total consistency of their daily business process by resolving technical issues within five minutes or less.

Office productivity has blossomed due to the newfound capacity to sync data between satellite locations. Weekend and after-hours sales transactions can be processed remotely – drastically reducing personnel overhead. A predictable monthly fee has eliminated the need to consistently invest in computer technology, helping the e-retailer grow by 25% in annual revenue.