I can't imagine growing as rapidly as we have without Utility®. We've realized new technological and strategic advantages over the competition, and I ever worry about security, backups, or maintaining my system anymore.
Kamran Sassoon, President Centage Corporation
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Summary: NGP Capital

The Challenge:

  • Lost time and productivity due to inadequacy of makeshift server which required constant maintenance

  • NGP required a unique technology solution that could concurrently provide:

  • - seamless communication between mobile   salespeople, clients and the main office.

    - a secure environment for client data to comply with legislative standards like Sarbanes-Oxley

    -  a cost-effective alternative to investing in IT infrastructure and personnel

The Solution:

  • IsUtility’s centralized system allowed traveling executives to securely communicate in “real-time” with clients and headquarters

  • Multi-layered network, including daily backups protects data and complies with SEC regulations

  • IsUtility® requires no additional hardware or personnel – allowing future growth opportunities

  • Business continuity is assured by replacing antiquated computer network with a predictable monthly fee and a team of certified experts

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‘Less Capital Costs’ Appeals to Publicly-traded Financial Firm

“With a limited budget to spend on IT, we didn’t want to invest excess capital or allocate the man-hours to upkeep our information systems. With IsUtility®, we went from “0 to 6o” a lot more quickly.” - Steve Gardner, Director of Finance Intergulf Case Study PDF

Secure clients’ data without breaking the bank

As a provider of financing, NGP Capital could ill-afford to compromise office efficiency or the security of its clients’ classified data. Unfortunately, frequent server issues and unpredictable “on-the-meter” consultants - who did not responsively resolve pressing IT issues – frustrated the firm. While NGP required a professionally-managed network, they were also acutely mindful of the capital required to invest in and manage an onsite I.T. network.

IsUtility® was called upon to provide a solution that would facilitate NGP’s document-intensive business process and enable seamless communication between the company and its clients, and the main office and its remote users. NGP, a publicly traded company, would also draw on IsUtility’s® secure network to satisfy the data-security criterion of customers and shareholders and comply with legislative standards, such as Sarbanes-Oxley.

IT on-demand. On Budget.

IsUtility’s® centralized network, enabled mobile users to work in “real-time” with the main office, eliminating the insecure transfer of confidential customer files to laptops. IsUtility’s® 24x7 help desk has eliminated the instability and cost of IT consultants, resulting in increased productivity.

Concerns of data security have been alleviated without the need to invest in costly hardware or IT personnel. IsUtility’s Fortune 500 datacenter eliminates time–consuming audits. All data is backed up daily on secure, redundant servers and the company has also gained much needed control of customer data and is in position to realize new opportunities for growth and expansion.