IT (Information Technology) will deliver its greatest value when it becomes invisible to users, when it’s taken for granted.
Nicholas G. Carr, Harvard Business Review
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Summary: Jones, Verra & Freiberg LLC

The Challenge:

  • Hurricane damaged servers and offices, limiting access to crucial data

  • JVF partners were forced to seek costly provisional technology alternative

  • Several high-profile cases were pending outside the state which could not be delayed

  • Collaboration between remote offices was inconsistent due to disparate systems

The Solution::

  • Xvand engineers consigned sodden data to IsUtility’s  centralized system - allowing attorneys and staff to seamlessly resume work within a few weeks of Katrina

  • Within less than a year from the storm, JVF is considering expansion thanks to IsUtility®’s scalable systems

  • JVF will remain fully operable thanks to IsUtility®’s guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime, nightly back-ups, advanced protection from security breaches and personalized 24/7 support

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New Business Opportunities Attributed to New IT Solution

"IsUtility® made it an easier process that it would have been otherwise; they were the silver lining in this cloud [Hurricane Katrina]. Everyone’s taken care of us in a truly efficient manner.”  -  Andrew Kramer, Jones, Verra & Freiberg Intergulf Case Study PDF

National Law Firm Rebounded From Disaster

After Hurricane Katrina struck, the law firm of Jones Verra & Freiberg joined hundreds of New Orleans businesses in search of basic workplace necessities such as office space, furniture and computer workstations.

Disaster Recovery Done Right

IsUtility®’s infrastructure allows its clients to get up and running instantly with a fully-managed outsourced IT department. This allowed attorneys and staff at JVF to seamlessly resume work within a few weeks of Katrina.

Xvand’s technical staff helped salvage remnants of the data from the firm’s server – which was submerged in floodwaters – and IsUtility® eliminated the need for JVF to lease expensive computer equipment. This allowed the firm to focus its time and resources on recovering from the hurricane.

Seamless Recovery. Seamless Collaboration

Since IsUtility® houses all data and network information at its secure datacenter, JVF employees across the U.S. can easily collaborate on cases by accessing their data, email and applications from anywhere in the world.

While most members of the firm have since transitioned back to New Orleans, JVF still maintains an office in Houston and is considering expanding its New York office with the help of IsUtility®.