Xvand made it an easier process that it would have been otherwise; they were the silver lining in this cloud [Hurricane Katrina]. Everyone's taken care of us in a truly efficient manner.
Andrew Kramer JVF Katrina Victim
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Summary: Wexler Surgical Supplies

The Challenge:

  • Mobile sales force unable to process purchase orders sent to headquarters via fax machine, resulting in poor client relations

  • Sales opportunities were consistently lost due to  computer server downtime (avg. 4-5 hrs.) that debilitated workflow and inhibited supply chain communication

  • Incompatible operating systems complicated the task of integrating new software and inhibited further business development

The Result:

  • IsUtility®’s centralized system allows remote executives to securely communicate in “real-time” with clients and headquarters

  • IsUtility® experts proactively monitor the     system to guarantee uptime and eliminate downtime - freeing up  time and resources to develop new initiatives to grow the business.

  • New users and applications are seamlessly integrated into the system at a fraction of the cost of investing in new technology

  • Workstations across the network are  synched by  IsUtility®’s centralized system , enabling supply chain to work  with real-time  data
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Centralized Solution Unifies International Manufacturer

“My business processes rely heavily on the ability to communicate information in real time. Tending to security issues and downtime took up nearly 30% of our time.  IsUtility® lets me focus on my business.” - Danny Fishman, COO, Wexler Surgical Supplies Wexler Surgical Supplies Case Study PDF

The Challenge: Improve client response time

To sustain its steady flow of worldwide sales orders, Wexler Surgical Supplies must rely on synchronization between its headquarters in Houston and the activities of its worldwide supply chain. While the company’s increasing globalization demands extensive overseas traveling, its in-house technology kept Wexler’s executive team tied down to the office.

To improve customer response time, Wexler Surgical sought a cost-effective technology solution that would offer quick resolutions to chronic computer downtime and enable the international firm to conduct business more efficiently while outside the office. Traveling executives would be networked with headquarters, distributors and vendors to create a centralized system for data collection, in turn creating more seamless sales transactions.

Technology  on-demand. On Budget.

IsUtility® collaborated with Wexler executives providing strategic insights on the latest technologies to help grow their business.

“Our centralized network allows Wexler’s mobile sales force to instantly access incoming voice and sales faxes, enabling a more responsive and proficient sales process”, said Xvand President, Victor Grinshtein. Wexler now works with the latest technology, complete with daily data backups and receives immediate responses to technical issues with the help of IsUtility®’s 24/7 Help Desk personnel.

Workstations are synchronized with more efficient technology, allowing distributors abroad to work with data in real-time -- facilitating quicker response time to customer inquiries. IsUtility®’s mobile capacity enables sales executives to instantly handle inquiries - vastly improving customer relations.