We didn't have the expertise or resources to keep our network up-to- date with ever-growing record keeping and patient privacy regulations. With IsUtility®, I can focus on running my practice.
Irving J. Fishman MD,PA
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Summary: Intergulf Corp.

The Challenge:

  • Lost productivity as a result of computer system’s inability to properly synchronize data between mobile workforce and headquarters

  • Recurrent computer security threats drained company resources and created difficulties in maintaining compliance with health regulations.

  • Limited IT resources prevented the company from un-tapping its true business potential

The Result:

  • IsUtility®’s centralized system allows seamless  exchange of data between employees and vendors, leading to improved office productivity and customer relations

  •  Proactive system monitoring protects the company from viruses, SPAM and hackers,  freeing  Intergulf personnel to focus on core competencies

  • 24/7 Help Desk has replaced high-priced IT consultants, drastically reducing IT budgets and computer-related office inefficiencies

  • New opportunities for business growth through utilizing the latest technology and maintaining a predictable and cost-effective IT budget.
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New Business Opportunities Attributed to New IT Solution

“In the oil industry, we can’t afford to expend resources on computer security and mobility issues. IsUtility® understands the technology and how to integrate it into our business process.” – Eric Englehardt, Outside Operations Manager, Intergulf, Corp. Intergulf Case Study PDF

Challenge: Connect mobile workforce with HQ

To compete with industry leaders, Intergulf Corp., must be resourceful in managing its technology. The secure and systematic exchange of critical business data between its mobile workforce and headquarters is instrumental to the company’s success.

Consultants not the answer

For Intergulf, trusting outside IT “experts” to manage its internal computer network was never a viable option. Consultants’ inordinate hourly fees and repeated inability to permanently resolve IT crises or understand Intergulf’s business processes prompted Mike Canales (Director of Internal Plant Operations) to juggle the company’s IT responsibilities along with his regularly assigned obligations.

Data exchange imperative to success

Intergulf was intent on maintaining its high-standards in complying with sensitive, highly regulated health & safety regulations, and could not afford to sparingly stretch its internal resources. IsUtility® was called upon to systemize and secure the company’s information systems to enable seamless exchange of company data between employees and vendors, and significantly reduce the monetary and personnel costs of daily IT maintenance.

Environment with unlimited 24/7 support

IsUtility®’s secure, climate-controlled environment protects the data from environmental threats, while multi-layered firewalls and proactive monitoring of the system protected Intergulf from security attacks. The need for high-priced IT consultants to resolve technical problems has been replaced with a call to IsUtility’s® 24 / 7 help desk.

Mobile executives benefit from a ubiquitous environment – communicating with one another electronically. Intergulf has replaced its dated routine of continually investing in technology with a predictable monthly fee, and a team of certified experts that fully manage its system for about the cost of a few hours with an IT consultant.