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Business Technology Advisory Services - Protection

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Don’t wait until a disaster hits to take action. Catastrophic system failure due to any disaster can bring a thriving business to its knees. IsUtility® Houston technology services offers you tips and ways we can help protect your business from disaster:

1. Proactively Prepare For the Worst-Case Scenatio

IsUtility® doesn’t just recover your data; our Houston computer services make sure it’s never compromised in the first place. Data is stored in a secure, disaster-proof SAS-70 Type II data center that is fully protected, backed-up and monitored 24/7 guaranteeing protection.

2. Prevent Downtime with Redundant Infrastructure        

A redundant IT infrastructure should have twice the capabilities of your typical network. When backups are not enough, your network will ensure the highest level of data availability – even during a disaster. IsUtility® consists of a redundant IT infrastructure maintaining 99.99% server uptime or better.

3. Centralize Your Employee Base  

With IsUtility®, employees can stay better connected between satellite locations and headquarters because data is stored at a data center. Employees can access data anywhere, at anytime. IsUtility®’s industry-leading disaster recovery team and remote PC support helps us maintain regular communication with clients before, during, and after a disaster to keep businesses up and running.

4. Ensure the Highest Levels of Data Security

IsUtility® business technology advisory services ensure the highest level of security with multiple firewalls, antispyware and antivirus packages secure enough to protect a system from disaster as well as hackers. Properly maintained security system during off-peak working hours ensures that all software is the latest, most secure and function-rich available.

5. Access a Team of Highly-Certified Local Professionals

What if the one person you need in a disaster situation is unavailable? IsUtility® prepares and responds instantly to any emergency 24/7. This support team is a certified team of Microsoft® and Cisco-experts with 15 years of experience who solve any technical issue at no additional expense.


We hope you have found this information helpful. If you feel that your current process does not meet these standards, or if you would like more information on IT outsourcing please feel free to contact us: